Neighborhood Profile – Seward Park

Inspired by a birthday visit to Seward Park this last weekend and some absolutely glorious weather, I decided to profile the neighborhood! Seward Park is located in southeast Seattle and the park occupies all of the Bailey Peninsula, a prominent, forested peninsula that juts into Lake Washington and offers incredible opportunities for recreation and spectacular scenery, especially when you get lucky like I did and “the mountain is out”. 🙂

lake seward park

Seward Park (map) is bounded on the east and north by Lake Washington, on the south by South Kenyon Street, and on the west by the eastern boundaries of Columbia City, one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods.

daisies seward park
If you’re interested in visiting or living in Seward park, spend some time driving around and then go work up an appetite at Seward Park before indulging in some highly rated pies at Flying Squirrel pizza, or fuel up pre park at Both Ways Cafe.

Here is a snapshot of active listings in the Seward Park area and if you would like more details or have any questions just comment or shoot me an email at
Seward park

Here is another shameless plug of my adorable Olive enjoying the park and some of the beautiful forest area which also abounds!

olive seward park

park seward park

Seattle Condo Prices Are On The Rise

This morning as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I came across this article from Curbed Seattle regarding Seattle condo prices. It caught my eye because recently I had blogged about low inventory in Seattle and specifically low inventory in the condo market, so the rising prices in both new construction and resale condos didn’t surprise me. It’s just good old supply and demand at work!

condo prices Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.40.36 PM

According to the NWMLS, today there are 203 active condo listings in the area shown below and $850.000 is the average price. The condo with the lowest price can be found in a great location in the Greenwood neighborhood. It’s listed at $120,000 and you get a basic, slightly dated one bedroom.  On the extreme other end of the spectrum is the highest priced condo in the luxurious Four Season’s Residences,  it’s a 2 BR stunner with spectacular Seattle views (they better be at $7,155,000.00) If you are interested in learning more about either of these condos or those in between, just shoot me an email


Seattle Neighborhood Profile * Greenlake

Aurora or SR 99 is one of the main arteries that run north/south through Seattle. I along with many living in Seattle take it to avoid the often heavy traffic on Interstate 5 going downtown – especially during rush hour. If you are north of 85th headed south on SR 99 you will drive right through the neighborhood of Greenlake which is nestled between SR 99 and Interstate 5 about 5 miles north of downtown Seattle.

The Greenlake neighborhood is charming and convenient. It boasts beautiful green space and it’s just a fantastic place to work, play, visit and live because of its natural beauty and proximity to great shops, activities and restaurants. The crowning jewel of the neighborhood is its park and in the middle of that park is (Green Lake) which earned its name from the pesky algae blooms that sometimes cause problems and are guess what? Green. There are so many outdoor activities to indulge in at Greenlake Park. No matter what the weather, you will always find people skating, biking, running, walking their dogs, flying kites, playing tennis, basketball or soccer, kayaking, taking their remote sailboats or helicopters out for a spin… The list goes on…. A trip around the lake is about 3 miles and it’s a perfect, beautiful walk through an expanse of green space in the middle of a dense urban area. You will burn about 300 calories if you walk around the lake and you won’t be bored! There is a stunning array of flora and fauna and you will see turtles, ducks and other water fowl as well. I have a hard time walking around Greenlake without stopping to take way too many photos! Surrounding the park are beautiful homes, shops, restaurants and cafes to stop in and grab a bite when you’re done frolicking.

Here is what has sold in Greenlake in the last 90 days according to the NWMLS. (Click pic to enlarge)
If you would like to receive comprehensive details on active listings please email me with your criteria:

SOLD in Greenlake

Below are some photos from my walk around Greenlake with Olive (my puppy) this past weekend and click here for a video “sampling” of the wildlife.

Greenlake Park flowers blossom tree path OLIVE  GULL


When it comes to housing inventory in Seattle…. The proverbial cupboards can seem bare.  According to this article in Curbed Seattle, housing inventory in Seattle is down 20% from this time last year!

When I talk to buyers, many are (understandably) frustrated because either they can’t find the home they want or they have been through the process several (or more) times and have “lost” to another buyer who simply offered terms that were more attractive to the seller.

If you are a buyer in Seattle proper, poised to submit an offer on a great home in a good location, there is a superb chance you are in for the dreaded bidding war.  Just because you are a well qualified buyer making an excellent offer based on the comps, putting down 20% (or more) and offering to close in 30 days doesn’t mean you have an excellent chance of “winning” the home.   And that’s exactly  what it feels like in this market, “winning”! It seems more like a game of “The Price Is Right” than a negotiation based on data and logic.  You are trying to guess what the other buyers are going to offer —  without going over. But don’t despair! You’re home is out there and you are going to win it! 🙂

If you are searching for a home in Seattle today, it’s important to watch the market like a Seahawk (which most people don’t have the time to do). You need a good broker who will watch it for you.  If you would like to receive a daily, accurate and comprehensive list of properties that match your specific criteria; including pictures, tax info, descriptions, age of home, etc. Just fill out this form and I will email them to you. (I promise no junk and you can opt out any time!)

If you are a seller thinking of selling your home, LUCKY YOU! The time is NOW. If you would like a report detailing the value of your home based on nearby comps, just shoot me an email:


If you live in Queen Anne, Magnolia or downtown/Belltown or are thinking of selling or buying a home in any of these Seattle neighborhoods, click on the below spreadsheet for some useful data. According to the NWMLS  45 condos sold in January 2015 at an average selling price of $442,906.69 and there are currently only 140 active in those neighborhoods which means just over a few months of inventory (probably less as we are headed into spring).

January condo sales


According to a recent article featured in Curbed Seattle, there are less than 150 active condo listings on the market in downtown Seattle. According to another article, new condo costs rose 3% in a year.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude it’s a good time for condo owners who might be thinking of selling – to pull that trigger. I think it’s clear we are in need of more condo development in Seattle, we were recently named the 5th fastest growing city in the US by Forbes! Considering the city is surrounded by water, it makes sense to go vertical, doesn’t it?


According to a recent map put together by Estately “small houses”, “tiny house plans” and “tree house” are among the top five Google search terms. On the flip side, “chateau” is also on the list, so perhaps Washingtonians are extremists.


Downsizing can have many advantages for the right person: tiny houses save you BIG money, you will have less stuff to take care of and clean, environmental friendliness and more time and freedom. There are also disadvantages: claustrophobia, entertaining can be a challenge, lack of storage and complications with building codes and zoning laws.

Do you think you could live in a tiny house or would a chateau be more up your alley? Chateau_nexon_cote_jardin